Specialization 2

Here you can see the presentation that I used at the end of my second specialization. This specilization was about creating smooth surfaces with voxels in Unity3D. It uses the Marching Cubes algorithm and creates a mesh based on two different noise functions (Simplex 3D and Metaballs).

In this presentation I highlighted parts of the research and explained how it worked. The prototype can be found on this website and can run within your browser.


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For the Minor, I chose to learn about environmental modelling because I wanted to know what some of our teammates were doing during projects. I created a scene in Unity with all kinds of my own fully textured models. I learned a lot about modelling in Maya, UV-ing in Maya, UV-ing in 3D-Coat, texturing in Substance Painter and building scenes in Unity in general. I learned a little about texture creation in Substance Designer.

You can download a demo build below. The full package contains everything that I put together, but this might be a bit heavy (due to the terrain that I used). The light package contains only the textured models.

download full demo | light 
mirror full | mirror light



Second year, last project. It was created for 'Techniekmuseum Heim' (recently changed name to 'oyfo') located at Hengelo. It needed to be a game that teaches their visitors (children) something about energy. It also needed to be playable on a low-end Windows PC with a touchscreen. Geotech teaches them how geothermal energy is produced and how it can be put to use. It is a point-and-click puzzle game, viewed from top-down.

During this project, I worked on some puzzle mechanics (laser), UI-elements (including the way the tutorials are shown), saving player progress between levels, passing final score to external Heim system.

download build | mirror


Sphynx Dream

Second year, third project. This is the first project that required us to program in C++. It was built in the Micro Game Engine, a custom engine especially created for the Game Engineering study by a few teachers.

The idea behind the game is to cast a shadow of a weird object in a specific shape. Once the shape is complete, you advance to the next level. At the start of each level, you get an update of the story.

This is also the first project that we worked with LUA. During this project, we experimented working with branches on GitHub for the first time. The project took four weeks. I was responsible for the UI-elements, menus, sounds, progress tracking and source control.

download buildmirror


Gone Silent

Second year, second project. This game had to contain an indie-vibe. It is a first person shooter in a digital world. Your main goal is stopping a dangerous virus, which happens to attack in waves. This project took three weeks. 

This project took three weeks. I was responsible for the UI-elements (including art for health/stamina bar), Main Menu, some upgrades, some AI and balancing.

download build mirror


Which Game

For the first project of the second year, we had to create a game for FUN-IE-FIT. The game needed to be playable by people with a handicap, therefore compatibility with the Ultimate Arcade Controller was mandatory. 'Which Game' is co-op puzzle game where two players need to co-operate in order to advance through the game. Three friends were camping together when suddenly one of them gets abducted. It is up to the other two to find and rescue him.

The game was created in about four weeks using Unity 5. I was responsible for the UI and sound systems, controller support and source control (Github). 

download installer | mirror

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I've done a few non-gaming side-projects.

Angular 5:

Uitvaart La Balise
Midwinterhoorn Hardenberg